Free live two way nude cams - Dating a cocky guy

The waiter brings over your food, but your date doesn’t say thank you.Before long, he’s clicking his fingers to invite the waiter back, and raising his voice as he talks about the ‘utter garbage’ on the plate in front of him. People are staring and your date is shouting that he’s got a villa on the Amalfi coast so knows how this Italian seafood dish should be cooked properly and it ‘just isn’t good enough’.

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You try to tell him about your recent holiday, but he corrects the way you pronounce the foreign city and then dismisses the area as being ‘low-class’.

You listen to him talk about friends and colleagues, but he seems to be putting everyone down; you start to wonder if there’s anyone he actually likes.

On the other hand, you might have already concluded that this guy is a complete jerk and you never want to see him again!

The date ends, and you’re left feeling a bit miffed by the evening’s events, however, you soon get a text from him saying what a great date it was. Arrogant guys often look good, but they value material goods extremely highly as these possessions fulfil their self-worth; life is all about bragging rights to them.

He walks with swagger and everyone looks at him as he passes by.

He greets you with a kiss on the cheek and you smell his exotic and expensive aftershave – this guy has certainly got it going on.

If someone doesn’t have the same opinion, they are wrong, not different.

An arrogant man never considers an opinion that is different to his own.

As you chat to him over dinner, you see that he’s wearing an expensive watch, but before you’ve had a chance to compliment him on it, he’s already asked if you’ve heard of the watch brand and boasted about how expensive it is.

He’s also told you about his Ferrari, his promotion at work and the expensive restaurant he was at the previous night where he sat on a table next to a famous celebrity.

Seeing as it’s beach body weather, I thought a girl like you would be focussing on losing a couple of pounds.” “He just orders coffee.

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