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Good players will ‘balance their range’ by leading some weaker hands, including strong draws, overcards and backdoor draws, top pair, and complete air.

A balanced range makes you difficult to play against and less ‘exploitable’.

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Relationship Example: The pull-out technique or ‘coitus interruptus: works about 95 percent of the time. oh trooo/must be nice/ez game Poker Definition: Poker players don’t always complain about how badly they run.

Interestingly enough, this is exactly the same percentage you have of set over setgetting one-outted when all-in on the flop. When on a big heater, elite players will often celebrate by saying ‘oh trooo’ and when they put a bad beat on their opponent it’s an ‘ez game’.

Theoretically, if you cheat ‘unexploitably’, you should be able to cheat on your significant other indefinitely.

A few tricks of the trade are that when you claim that you’re going out with your buddies, you don’t style your hair or dress nicely.

And when you come back, it’s best not to smell like perume.

Keep your ranges balanced, and be aware of what you’re representing. leveling war Poker Definition: When poker players are of similar skill level and understand what each other is capable of, they get into a lot of spots that are called ‘leveling wars’.

Most players who are up or down that kind of money play the ‘nosebleeds’–the highest of stakes–but Scout has amassed these losses at stakes as low as 1knl, where you will find players of all skill levels taking a shot at him. He normally did it with strong hands , but sometimes would do it with weaker holdings when he was steaming.

Relationship Example: Jennifer Anniston allowing Brad Pitt to work with Angelina Jolie in ‘Mr. Over the course of the year, other players also started randomly ‘toasting’ their opponents.

If you run hot enough for long enough (or just run hot for a few hours and win a tournament), your opponents will be left bewildered at how lucky you are, and will usually mutter ‘must be nice.’Relationship Example: Hot Girlfriend: That was amazing! angle shooting/grimm Poker Definition (from In live poker, deliberately violating either the letter or the spirit of a poker rule for the purpose of making a profit that one would not have been entitled to otherwise.

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