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Indian girls are forced to be indoors so they can get pale skin.

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Firstly, you can look forward to stoking the holiday spirit with a little under the mistletoe nookie.

And all it takes to get smooches on New Year’s Eve is standing within 5 feet of someone attractive and vaguely leaning in their direction. Guys, have you seen the kind of stuff gorgeous women wear on Valentine’s Day? So, Ladies and Gents, here’s how to not F-up your first Christmas with a date that is way too good-looking for you: 1) Think of gifts that serve her interests, not yours.

Did you want people to feel so ashamed of themselves, they die?

Not just in North America or Europe, but from all over the world people are suffering.

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It’s just that some of us are willing to admit that looks do play a CONTRIBUTING part instead of getting all P. I suppose one can be truly sadistic and enjoy inflicting pain on others.

So many young people are dying from aneroxia or bulimia, from suicide, from surgeries gone wrong, is this what you want?

Welcome to Darwin Dating Australia at Spice of Life Internet Dating.

tired of looking in all the wrong places then look no more!

it would be lifetime advertising and would get great media coverage I have been in the press for boxing and for donating a kidney and for being a human billboard.

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