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Mark Hamill will finally get to do something as old man Luke Skywalker other than stand around looking serious.

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And the late and already sorely missed Carrie Fisher will be back as General Leia.

The movie had completed filming before her death on December 27, 2016, and Boyega promises that her send-off will be "amazing".

His friend and tradition by having one film lead directly into the next.

Rey will begin her training with Luke on the remote planet Ahch-To, possibly even in the art of double-lightsaber fighting.

Is it referring to Luke – who was thought to be the last before Rey came along? Director Rian Johnson took to Twitter to clarify (a bit) what the title means.

Filming began in February 2016, ending in July after months of various on-set shots and fan theories involving strange trees (we kid you not).

Hopefully it will go better than his own training on Dagobah, although Ridley warned at Star Wars Celebration that "it's difficult to meet your heroes as they might not be what you expect". Hamill has described Luke as "alienated", but at least he hasn't been totally alone on Ahch-To. Related: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Topps cards reveal the entire plot outline Boyega has said that the new film will be "much darker", and more physically demanding for him, so he'll no doubt be out of his medical coma and back in action in short order.

No mention so far of his ongoing fairytale romance with Poe Dameron, alas.

And it looks like he might be leading the Knights of Ren against Rey and Luke, too.

Disney has teased the "mysterious" and "strange connection" between Rey and Ren on The film will see the First Order stepping into the chaos caused by their attack on the Republic.

And Maz Kanata is rumoured to be on the move after the destruction of her home.

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