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Idle chat members will receive two warnings before being removed from the room.

This is to help limit confusion by having a lot of people in the room who aren't available to chat.

You'd not want to stand in a room where it feels like everyone is just staring at you, but not talking... If you are suicidal, you are in need of help from someone trained in dealing with crisis situations.

The chat rooms are not equipped to handle such situations.

Additionally, it is unfair to discuss suicidal intentions in the rooms when people cannot contact you directly (don't know your identity) or contact the proper professional help for you in your area. If you have the need to discuss thoughts about suicide or self harm with someone, please use the Crisis & Suicide Resources available at our sister site you try to log in and it says that your name requires a password, add a number or numbers to your name and try to log in again.

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and family/friends who are support people for people with chronic pain disorders.

The chat room is intended to be an unstructured environment where you can get to know people with chronic pain disorders. Our rooms are meant to be a supportive environment where you may freely discuss your problems and successes or just relax with friends who know how you feel.

When you engage in conversation with troublemakers, they are more likely to stay and create further problems.

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