Couchsurfing is not a dating site

In 2010, Melissa Ulto claimed she was forced to endure her host’s attempts to grope and kiss her before leaving to find a hotel.In response, she started an online petition to demand “end complicity in the sexual assault of its users.” According to the site’s safety tips, references are the best protection against possible predators.I should have handled the situation better, but now, I felt stuck. * * * It was the summer after my third year of college when I signed up to study abroad in England.

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I was relieved that I would soon get some rest, even if the company had changed.

Twenty minutes later, a twenty-three-year-old guy showed up on a moped.

Before “couching” with someone, the company suggests looking at references, making sure they have many different friends with full profiles so you know the same person didn’t make the references.

Some members can donate forty dollars to become “verified,” a process that proves you live at the location in which you claim to live.

I might only be in Europe once in my life, and I was tired of being a tourist.

Since it went public in 2004, the community has ballooned to seven million members in 100,000 cities. It all started from one chain email sent by Casey Felton, the site’s founder, to 1,500 students on his trip to Iceland asking for a place to stay.

The room showed no signs that another person had ever lived there.

Even more disturbing, for the home of a couchsurfing host, there was no couch.

He allegedly sexually assaulted her twice and she claimed that he later forced her to take a bath in order to remove incriminating evidence.

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