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Some lenders require that the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio be below a certain threshold.

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The new interest rate can be lower or higher than the weighted average of the old loans and can be fixed (the interest rate won’t ever change) or variable (the rate changes based on the market conditions).

Private and federal loans can both be refinanced with a private consolidation loan.

Only loans that are in repayment or in the grace period are eligible for consolidation, and a Direct Consolidation Loan must include at least one Direct or FFEL Program Loan.

Loans that have been in default can be consolidated after three consecutive monthly payments have been made or if the borrower agrees to repay the consolidation loans under an income-driven repayment plan (where the payments are based on the income of the borrower).

All types of federal student loans can be consolidated together except a Direct PLUS Loan that was taken out by a parent to help pay for a child’s education (student PLUS loans can still be consolidated).

However, private loans can’t be included in a federal consolidation loan.

The following table illustrates how a weighted average works.

In this example, there are three students that each have three loans.

The basics of federal and private consolidation loans are outlined below.

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