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: A Case Study of a Non-Native Writing Instructor's Awareness of Student Needs, Feedback Beliefs, and Practices Huang, Qiming (2016) Model-Free Variable Screening, Sparse Regression Analysis and Other Applications with Optimal Transformations Huang, Shouyuan (2016) Parametric and design analysis on thermoelectric generators Huang, Wanfeng (2016) Concurrent detection and isolation of cellular and molecular biomarkers Huang, Wenhan (2016) Parallelized ray casting volume rendering and 3D segmentation with combinatorial map Huang, Yuqian (2016) Pattern exploration and event detection from geo-tagged tweets Huang, Zhi (2016) Vehicle sensor-based pedestrian position identification in V2V environment Huang, Zun (2016) Wave propagation and imaging in structured optical media Huckabee, Alexis G (2016) In-column polymer modifications: Advancing polymer bonded phases Hudspeth, Matthew C (2016) Multi-axial failure of high-performance fiber during transverse impact Hughes, Kyle M (2016) Gravity-assist trajectories to Venus, Mars, and the ice giants: Mission design with human and robotic applications Hunt, Steven A (2016) Thermoacoustic Oscillations in Supercritical Fluid Flows Hur, Jung Yun (2016) Understanding Positive Electronic Word-of-Mouth Intention: A Conceptual Model for Hotels Hurt, Moriah J (2016) Evaluating the physical welfare of dogs in commercial breeding facilities in the United States Hussain, Kiran Mushtaq (2016) Understanding developmental disabilities: The impact of caregiver stress, caregiver self-efficacy, and spirituality/religiosity on couple relationship satisfaction Hussein, Ahmed Mohamed Abd-elhaffiez (2016) Effective memory management for mobile environments Hu, Yaowu (2016) Laser shock imprinting of metallic nanostructures and shock processing of low-dimensional materials Huynh, William B (2016) Gesture based non-obstacle interaction on mobile computing devices for dirty working environment Hyde, Charlotte N (2016) Silent Dissent: The Effect of Structural Secrecy on Professional Communication at NASA Ibrahim, Md (2016) Phyllanthus niruri supplemented diet as a modulator of stress and immune responses in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, reared in inland recirculating and aquaponics systems Icten, Elcin (2016) Manufacture of Individualized Dosing: Development and Control of a Dropwise Additive Manufacturing Process for Melt Based Pharmaceutical Products Iliadis, Andrew J (2016) A black art: Ontology, data, and the Tower of Babel problem Ingersoll, Lukas T (2016) m Health to Improve the Diet Among Low-Income Populations Enrolled in an Established U. Nutrition Program: Design and Rationale of a Randomized Controlled Trial Irven, Donovan (2016) Being and literature: The disclosure of place in modernity Isaac, Jonathan S (2016) Community engagement, graduate students, and "naive complicity": Service in the university Issa, Salah F (2016) Exploring the cause of injury or death in grain entrapment, engulfment and extrication Jacobs, Elin M (2016) Spatiotemporal patterns of hydroclimatic drivers and soil-water storage: Observations and modeling across scales Jacobs, Nicholas L (2016) Analysis of feedback control applied with command shaping to minimize residual vibration Jahan, Mafruha (2016) Options to improve energy efficiency for educational building Jahan, Suchana Akter (2016) Optimization of conformal cooling channels in 3D printed plastic injection molds James Stephen, Julian (2016) Securing cloud-based data analytics: A practical approach Janssen Danyi, Paul (2016) Bypassing democracy: Why domestic human rights NGOs in stable democracies appeal to multilateral forums Jarmusch, Alan Keith (2016) Ambient ionization - mass spectrometry: Advances toward intrasurgical cancer detection Jauregui, Luis A (2016) Electronic transport in nano-devices based on graphene and topological insulators Javagal, Suhas Raveesh (2016) User-centric workload analytics: Towards better cluster management Jeon, Bonggil (2016) A method for selecting HVAC retrofit solutions for existing small- and medium-sized commercial buildings Jeong, Jun Young (2016) Analysis of structural and functional brain networks Jiang, Biaobin (2016) Computational Labeling, Partitioning, and Balancing of Molecular Networks Jiang, Zhengping (2016) Multi-scale simulations for high efficiency low power nanoelectronic devices Jiao, Peng (2016) Dynamic green split optimization in intersection signal design for urban street network Jimenez-Useche, Manuel I (2016) Measurement and analysis of agricultural productivity in Colombia Jin, Jonghoon (2016) Fast and robust convolutional neural networks optimized for embedded platforms Jin, Zhenong (2016) Crop modeling for assessing and mitigating the impacts of extreme climatic events on the US agriculture system Ji, Yanzhu (2016) Transposable element and host dynamics in mammals and birds as revealed by transcriptomic and genomic evidence Johnson, Scott C (2016) Observability and observer design for switched linear systems Jones, Gavin Robert (2016) Accessible surface area of common silica particle types Jones, Kyle E (2016) Hip hop, circulation, and the associational life of Peruvian youth Jung, Kurt E (2016) Flavors in the soup: An overview of heavy-flavored jet energy loss at CMS Jung, Wonyeong (2016) Computational investigation of force generation, relaxation, and remodeling of the actin cytoskeleton Kaczay, Kaitlin R (2016) A comparison of the efficacy of radiant and immersion frying using hash brown patties as a model food matrix Kadasala, Naveen Reddy (2016) Synthesis, characterization, and application of magnetic gold nanoclusters Kalyanam, Rajesh (2016) Interactive logical analysis of planning domains Kambatla, Karthik Shashank (2016) Methods to improve applicability and efficiency of distributed data-centric compute frameworks Kambic, Jacob M (2016) Extracting CNG TLS/SSL artifacts from LSASS memory Kamoona, Mustafa (2016) internet of things security using proactive WPA/WPA2 Kanani, Geoffrey H (2016) An examination of how specific support structures impact the adjustment process of sub-Saharan African students in two Midwestern institutions of higher education Kang, Jisun (2016) Improving a mesh segmentation algorithm based on non-negative matrix factorization Kang, Ji Yun (2016) Help-seeking intention among college students: Cross-cultural study between East Asian international students and domestic students in the Unites States Kang, Seok Ryul (2016) US strategic retrenchment and security-seeking behaviors of the US allies in Northeast Asia Karki, Anju (2016) Investigating the role of the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor MIST1 in pancreatic diseases Karyadi, Kenny A (2016) The effects of alcohol odor cues on food and alcohol attentional bias, cravings, and consumption Kaseb, Ahmed S (2016) A cost-effective cloud-based system for analyzing big real-time visual data from thousands of network cameras Katzman, Tanya Lynn (2016) The use of stable isotopes and particulate matter in the investigation of local and regional atmospheric chemistry Kebede, Ammanuiel A (2016) Asphalt pavement preservation using rejuvenating fog seals Keith, Melissa G (2016) Autonomy and motivation: The impact of task difficulty Keller, Christine E.

M (2016) Biochemical changes in animal models of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder Kendall, Jordan D (2016) Hydrocode modeling of oblique impacts into terrestrial planets Kesari, Aditi (2016) Factors affecting transduction efficiency of pseudotyped viral vectors incorporating alphaviral glycoproteins Kesely, Kristina R (2016) Investigating Human Erythrocyte Band 3 Tyrosine Phosphorylation and Its Involvement in the Plasmodium falciparum Infection Khallaf, Rana (2016) Interactional risks associated with parties to a PPP project Khan, Ishita K (2016) Protein function, diversity and functional interplay Khan, MD Mursalin (2016) Assessment of the role of elderberry extract in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, as a stress reducing and immune stimulating nutraceutical in-vitro and in-vivo Khan, M.

monocytogenes using Novel Sanitation Strategies in Delis Han, Arum (2016) How training set and prior knowledge affect preschoolers' perception of quantity and early number learning Han, Chang Wan (2016) Characterization of heterogeneous catalysts using advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques Hands, Nicole M (2016) Detection of communication over DNSSEC covert channels Haney, Alison M (2016) A matter of faith: The role of religion, doubt, and personality in emerging adult mental health Han, Jaemin (2016) Multi-session Network Coding characterization using new linear coding frameworks Hardy, Shana D (2016) SYK promotes TGF-beta-induced P-body clearance in breast cancer cells through the enhancement of autophagy Haria, Hiral Jayantilal (2016) A novel mode-switching hydraulic hybrid for an on-highway vehicle: A study of architecture and control Harris, Mary Beth (2016) Women writers and the genealogy of the gentleman: masculinity, authority, and male characters in eighteenth-century English novels by women Hassan, Khaled MD.

(2016) Statistical modeling and simulation of variability and reliability of CMOS technology Hatzenbuehler, Patrick L (2016) Food Security Crop Price Transmission and Formation in Nigeria Hawkins, Elizabeth Marie (2016) Organizing historical agricultural data and identifying data integrity zones to assess agricultural data quality Hay, Martha E (2016) Design of nitroxide-based radical polymer materials for electronic applications Ha, Yongsoo (2016) Effects of Online Brand Community on Value Creation Practices and Brand Loyalty: Mediating Effects of Community Loyalty Hayrapetian, Allenoush (2016) Analyzing and evaluating security features in software requirements Hazlitt, Robert A (2016) Synthesis of a malvidin-3-glucoside derivative with a difluoromethylene linkage Hegde, Prajwal B (2016) Monitoring DBMS activity to detect insider threat using query selectivity Heijnen, Michel J.

Limitations due to market integration Halimi, Ghulam Hazrat (2016) Trade and agriculture policy options to improve the wheat subsector in Afghanistan Hall, Derrick R.

(2016) Homogeneous catalysis of decontamination-type reactions with organometallic and polyoxometalate manganese complexes Hammond, Max A (2016) The influence of collagen crosslinking and treadmill exercise on the mechanics, composition, and morphology of bone at multiple length scales Hammons, Susan Rose (2016) Mitigating Prevalence and Persistence of L.

(2016) Energy localization and heat generation in composite energetic systems under high-frequency mechanical excitation Marquet, Bryan David (2016) Design of an asymmetric reluctance machine for a generator application Marquez Alcala, German A (2016) The labor market consequences of endogenous low-skill migration with a market-based immigration policy Marsh, Maureen Lilly (2016) Knitting rebellion: Elizabeth Zimmermann, identity, and craftsmanship in post war America Martin, Audrey E (2016) Biochemical studies on mycobacterial proteins involved in the transport of fatty acids Marziale, Matthew D (2016) Thermal neutron analysis for improvised explosive device detection Masters, Christine L (2016) Encounters beyond the interface: Data structures, material feminisms, and composition Matin, Saima A (2016) Economic viability of flexible biogas pumps in Bangladesh Maune, Michael J (2016) Toward a genre writing curriculum: Schooling genres in the Common Core State Standards Mayar, Khalilullah (2016) Modernizing the current Afghan engineering education system: Challenges and opportunities Mayes, Amanda Sue (2016) Struggling students become successful art mentors: A mixed methods multi-case study Ma, Yue (2016) Amplifying the connection between empty nest parents and their children through ambient information design Mazzurco, Andrea (2016) Methods to facilitate community participation in humanitarian engineering projects: Laying the foundation for a learning platform Mc Dermott, Keith A (2016) A mixed methods study: Evaluating the relationship of project manager competencies and it project management methodologies Mc Kenna, Lindsay N (2016) Vocalizations of sea turtle hatchlings and embryos Mc Masters, James F (2016) Development and characterization of targeted poly(NIPAm) nanoparticles for delivery of anti-inflammatory peptides in peripheral artery disease and osteoarthritis Mc Millan, John Ernest (2016) Annual forage cropping-systems for midwestern ruminant livestock production Meier, Michael D (2016) Measurement of the Upsilon(n S) cross section at CDF Mei, Henry (2016) Coupled resonator based wireless power transfer for bioelectronics Mejia, Jessica (2016) Animals and the value of life Mendoza Garcia, John A (2016) A phenomenographic study of the ability to address complex socio-technical systems via variation theory Merrill, Daniel Alexander (2016) Investigation of cellular microenvironments and heterogeneity with biodynamic imaging Methel, Cam-Tu Jeanne (2016) An experimental comparison of diffuser designs in a centrifugal compressor Miao, Jinmin (2016) Studies in novel transition-metal-catalyzed oxidative coupling reactions Michuda, Nicolas J (2016) Mining big data to create a tool for empirical observation of continuous safety improvement in a construction company - A progressive case study in the lean environment Midi, Daniele (2016) Security techniques for sensor systems and the Internet of Things Mike, Gracemarie (2016) Rhetoric and feminism in the Americanization Era: The YWCA's rhetorical education program for immigrant women Miller, Brittney Rachele (2016) Kernels of adjoints of composition operators on Hilbert spaces of analytic functions Miller, Elyse A (2016) Role of otolith organs in geometric cue processing Miller, Galina V (2016) Using information technology to model hand-washing behavior and to improve policies impacting elementary school absenteeism due to influenza Miller, Jacob K (2016) The thermomechanical response of composite energetic materials under high- and low-frequency mechanical excitations Miller, Lauren Elizabeth (2016) The acquisition of bare nominals by three populations of Spanish-English bilingual adults Milutinovic, Goran Veljko (2016) New screening method for overweight vehicles Miner, Courtney L (2016) Adolescent resilience: Examining the influence of sibling position following a parental separation Ming Chang, Andre Xian (2016) Hardware Architectures For Long Short Term Memory Misata, Kelley K (2016) Gap analysis identifying the current state of information security within organizations working with victims of violence Mischler, Renee A (2016) The influence of diet and oral iron supplementation on iron status after gastric bypass surgery Mishra, Aura Ankita (2016) Impact of peer relationship and exposure to violence on Posttraumatic Stress for children at risk for maltreatment Miskin, Caleb K (2016) Solution-Processed Solar Cells via Nanocrystal Inks and Molecular Solutions Mitra, Subrata (2016) What broke where for distributed and parallel applications---a whodunit story Mitsein, Rebekah K (2016) Africa is always bringing forth something new: African worlds and worldviews in British Enlightenment literature, 1660-1780 Mobasher Moghaddam, Sina (2016) Analytical and experimental investigation of microstructural alterations in bearing steel in rolling contact fatigue Moghaddam, Mohsen (2016) Best matching processes in distributed systems Moghe, Prajakta S (2016) Zigbee based wireless adjustable speed drive system Mohamed, Mohamed Fathy Kamel (2016) Targeting multi-drug resistant pathogens with novel antimicrobial peptides Mohammadi, Ahmad Shah (2016) Managing bacterial wilt, caused by Erwinia tracheiphila, on muskmelon with early control of striped cucumber beetle ( Acalymma vittatum (F)), and through varietal selection Mohan, Ranjini (2016) Neural activity reveals effects of aging on inhibitory processes during word retrieval Moloney, Colleen A (2016) simulation of flow and water quality from tile drains at the watershed and field scale Montoya Rodriguez, Miguel A (2016) Quantifying asphalt emulsion-based chip seal curing times using electrical resistance measurements Moomen, Milhan (2016) Deterioration modeling of highway bridge components using deterministic and stochastic methods Moon, Alena C (2016) Analysis of scientific argumentation in two physical chemistry classrooms using the POGIL approach Moore, John A (2016) Deep collective inference Moran Yanez, Luis M (2016) Bridge maintenance to enhance corrosion resistance and performance of steel girder bridges Morgan, Carissa Jae (2016) Investigating U. resident perceptions of corporate social responsibility in food and agriculture Morton, Patricia M (2016) The things they carried: The biological residue of childhood misfortune Morusu, Siripriya (2016) Automated methods to detect and quantify histological features in liver biopsy images to aid in the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Moser, Meghan E (2016) Residual effects of nitrogen fertilization on soil nitrogen pools and corn growth Moser, Sydney E (2016) Influence of dietary polyphenols on carbohydrate intestinal digestion and absorption Mourad, Noha A (2016) Micro RNA Regulation of h ERG-Related Current: Potential Role in Heart Failure-Associated Arrhythmias Mrad, Lidia (2016) Dynamic Analysis of Chevron Structures in Liquid Crystal Cells Mukundan, Vivek (2016) Rees algebras and iterated Jacobian duals Muller, Alexandra A (2016) Manufacturer perspectives on content transparency and material health in the US building products industry Mulvenna, Ryan A (2016) Size and chemistry selective membranes from block polymer templates Mundayaliyath Mundayadan, Rohit (2016) Can wearable devices reduce burnout by making people aware of stress?

Munyua, Philip Mutuma (2016) Collaboration in scientific digital ecosystems: A socio-technical network analysis Muralidharan, Charanya (2016) Elucidating the mechanisms or interactions involved in differing hair color follicles Muralidharan, Pooja (2016) Characterization of ethanol-induced effects on zebrafish retinal development: Mechanistic perspective and therapeutic strategies Murchison, Nicole M (2016) Understanding the mechanism for response selection in compatibility tasks: Referential coding contrasted with biological properties of the hands Murphy, Jesse R (2016) Mechanistic characterization of acetic acid resistance enzymes of Acetobacer aceti Mutascio, Holly E (2016) Modeling relative habitat suitability and movement behavior of invasive Burmese pythons in southern Florida Nall, Stacy O (2016) Decentering the writing program archive: How composition instructors save and share their teaching materials Nam, Woongsik (2016) Laser direct written silicon nanowires for electronic and sensing applications Nativi Nicolau, Juan Jose (2016) Impact of RFID information-sharing coordination over a supply chain with reverse logistics Natt, Caitlin (2016) "Only weirdos give birth at home" and other young adult perceptions of midwives and home birth: Implications for communication campaigns promoting midwifery Navaratne, Uditha S (2016) Mmulti agent system approach to solve distributed energy resource allocation problem to increase the stability and reliability of the distribution system Navarro Patino, Miguel Andres (2016) Energy efficiency in data collection wireless sensor networks Nayyar, Soumya (2016) Implementation and analysis of reverse breathing, rebreathing and cylinder deactivation for aftertreatment thermal management and overall efficiency benefit on diesel engines Ndukaife, Theodore Aganachi (2016) Reduction of energy consumption in low rise residential space conditioning by retrofitting with evaporative condenser Ness, Robert D. (2016) Bayesian causal inference of cell signal transduction from proteomics experiments Newman, Justin A (2016) At the intersection of X-ray diffraction and nonlinear optics Ng, Ka Ho (2016) Dopamine d1 receptor activity in the basolateral amygdala is important for mediating fear, reward and safety discrimination learning Ngo, Phuong D (2016) Intelligent control of a class of nonlinear systems Nguyen, Elizabeth Bich Hang (2016) Impact of microwave-assisted heating and enzymatic treatment on functional and antioxidant properties of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) by-product hydrolysates Ng, Vincent L (2016) The development and validation of a measure of virtues Nie, Xin (2016) Relationships between dietary fiber structural features and growth and utilization patterns of human gut bacteria Nie, Yizhou (2016) Cyclic tensile response of a polyurethane material Niu, Chenxing (2016) Functional and structural analysis of FST1 in Fusarium verticillioides Niu, Li (2016) Why are some aggressive adolescents popular: Subgroups of Chinese aggressive youth Nyberg, Leila (2016) Assessing the impact of emerging contaminants on anaerobic microbial communities Nyre, Megan Marie (2016) Developing agent-based simulation models of task performance of cognitively diverse teams O'Brien-Tomory, Annette Jean (2016) A study on the benefits for nontraditional commuter students of supplemental screencasts in a traditional chemistry lecture setting Ochoa, Manuel (2016) Laser-processed parchment paper for fabrication of chronic wound dressings with selective oxygenation Odeh, Faisal Yousef (2016) Optimum core design studies for long-life small modular boiling water reactors Oduncu, Muhammed Ramazan (2016) Development of a novel polymer-garnet solid state composite electrolyte incorporating Li-La-Zr-Bi-O and polyethylene oxide Okada, Aya (2016) Effects of a timed dictation activity in the introductory course in Japanese focusing on the accuracy and fluency of writing Katakana Olberg, Madeline W (2016) Manipulating air and root-zone temperature for energy-efficient floriculture crop production Oliver, A.

H (2016) Failures in adaptive locomotion in healthy young adults Hekmatfar, Ali (2016) Improving the Laboratory Design of Asphalt Mixtures to Enhance Asphalt Pavement Durability Heneghan, Joseph M (2016) The biology and management of waterhemp in Indiana Hengge, Neal N (2016) Enzymatic liquefaction of untreated corn stover Herrera Perez, Ruth Marisol (2016) Influence of the 3D microenvironment on glioblastoma migration and drug response Herring, Donald G (2016) Inter-color NPR lines: A comparison of rendering techniques Hesam, Pedram (2016) Estimating Effective Viscous Damping and Restoring Force in Reinforced Concrete Structures He, Zijian (2016) Service-level based response by assignment and order processing for warehouse automation Hickle, Mark D (2016) Synthesis, design, and fabrication techniques for reconfigurable microwave and millimeter-wave filters Hinh, Robert (2016) Tool comparison of semantic parsers Hinkel, Irina A (2016) What is contemporary art?

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