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Like the smoke the vehicles leave behind, but also something small like tobacco smoke. Through day and night trucks are coming in and out with lots of garbage.

The people who clean the city, which are more than 18 million people, are the biggest victims of this air pollution All the costs of treatment and lost income, due to air pollution, is more than 7.6 billion per year. This garbage consists of (operation) waste, from hospitals.

Worldwide, there are about 1.7 million deaths a year, with 90% of them being children, who died mainly through infectious diarrhea.

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The government is now busy with discouraging people to use vehicles with high smoke emissions. This happens through the chemical processes who are caused by the scalding and joining together of substances.

Which is a big factor in air pollutions 2005 Population growth (annual %) 1.87 Population, total (millions) 85.50 Life expectancy at birth, total (years) 71.05 Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births) 27.50 GNI (current US$) (millions) 98535 GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$) 1160.0 Prevalence of HIV, total (% of population ages 15-49) These are the Ten Leading Causes of Illness in the Philippines 1. Around the dump there is a big haze which you can see on a very large distance.

The MEIP is a regional program for Asia with the costs provided by the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank as collaboration partner.

Through the funding received by the local Dagat-Dagatan Polymedic Medical Foundation, the women of the Dagat-Dagatan community established a community centre; the Zero Kalat sa Kaunlaran (Zero Waste for Progress), which is turning the garbage of their neighbourhoods into cash and opportunity.

Still the problem goes on: What to do with the amount of garbage produced by more than 10 million residents of Manila every.

In Dagat-Dagatan, Navotas, a group of women has taken the matter, of the community's garbage, into their own hands through the Metropolitan Environmental Improvement Program (MEIP).

Children from already a young age help with collection plastic, empty cans and other stuff which helps to produce some money.

In short Payatas means a big hill with stinking garbage and a source for the incomes of hundreds of families More than 2.6 billion people in the world have one thing in common, which is; they do not have good access to basic sanitation.

For most of the inhabitants of the Payates there is no other option than to work on the dump.

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