Christian dating sight

When you fall in love at first sight, you might feel the urge or a gut reaction to bond with that person.This is because our brain releases oxytocin–often referred to as the “love hormone”–during human contact and effects how you bond with that person.

As a Christian single woman you love Jesus with your whole heart and understand how important it is to cultivate your spirit.

You strive to walk by faith and not by sight and seek to live a life pleasing to Christ daily.

Imagine you’re sitting in a café, walking down the street or standing in a crowd at a concert.

You look up or turn your head and see a person you are instantly attracted to.

However if we haven’t discovered who we are in Christ and prepared for the blessing of marriage, we will simply exchange one miserable existence for another.

Truth be told, if you’re not whole as a single woman, marriage won’t make you whole, so let’s discover wholeness in single life while we also prepare to be a wife.

(Scroll down to continue reading) A study published in Nature (2009) discovered two key parts of our brains that are activated when we encounter a new person in our life.

One area of the brain is referred to as the “amygdala” (our emotions) and the other is the “posterior cingulate cortex” (autobiographical memory), which also helps our brain make decisions and determine the value of what we’re faced with.

Not to mention other vital tools intended to ensure your spiritual needs are addressed.

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