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" really did get to kiss her on the lips at Tyra Banks request. I wasn't really feeling the speed date, and I'm still beyond belief that 50 Cent carries ,000 in his back pocket.It's ironic that 50 Cent would carry that much money on him since his breakout song was " It is painful to watch someone who is not very street smart interview someone from the streets.

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How do you invite the KKK on your show but then wag a finger at Ludacris?

She did finally have Jay-Z on her show, but hip hop has been around for 30 plus years.

I remember being very nervous but professional during my interview with Ne-Yo earlier this year.

Check out how Ne-Yo and Chris Brown surprised two fans. This threw me because Tyra Banks blew Ludacris off for a kiss on the lips, but Bow Wow, who asked "We for real?

But like George Lopez, it's her humor that makes me not change channels on my television. "" and after a season or two, I stopped watching the show.

But last night I went on You Tube, after being indifferent about her talk show leaving in 2010, and clicked on a couple shows.

Columbus Short is so talented at it, and I always wanted to step as well, but I cringed every time he pronounced "segue" incorrectly.

Also, I can't blame her for flirting with the very handsome Brian White.

In my opinion, it took her so long, and I didn't like the way she treated Ludacris, so I didn't even watch that Jay-Z episode.

But I still have 100 percent respect for Oprah Winfrey as a professional.," but all I remember was the dog barking.

Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview were lame and I got tired of people reminding T. over and over again that he was going to prison, but Part 3 was very interesting with him talking about the dating scene.

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