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Yage Chen used to be called 130, but will now go by the name of Altering.

Peixuan Xu is now Freefeel, changing away from B612.

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We strive to the aim that each child leaves us a happy, caring, creative person with an enquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge.

From August 2016 Mrs Susan Harper, Headteacher at Parkhill Primary will also be Headteacher of Viewforth Early Learning Centre. There are regular visits to Leven Beach, the woods at East Wemyss and visits within the local community.

There's a lot of Ana, Mercy, and Lucio play time between the three, but Freefeel has been known to play Sombra once in a while. Thank #B612 for this @BT21_ filter I do really love it Hahahahahaha!

A private nonprofit group led by former astronauts, spacecraft designers, and asteroid specialists has proposed a spacecraft to find a half million asteroids in Earth-crossing orbits and provide advance warning of impact threats. (Excuse my haggard faceu~ ) @BTS_twt #Mang #Cooky #Shooky #Tata #Koya #RJ #Chimmy #Van #BT21 #BTS Qmenf HN5h The B612 Foundation is setting up an Asteroid Institute to study techniques for detecting and diverting near-Earth objects that may threaten our planet – and giving the University of Washington a leading role. The Earth remains under constant threat, as it cycles endlessly around the Sun.

Considerable improvements have been made in recent years including our garden area and more recently a new fitted kitchen.

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