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It’s a total backfire of their plan to humiliate me, and it’s clear they have no additional retort.

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On several occasions there was confusion and denial; one guy said, “Wait, it almost sounds like you just said you were GAY.” Not almost, buddy; I did!

To try to offset all the guys trolling for tits, whenever a female comes up, I do my best to say nice things to them and be a sassy gay friend. I have to share this one other little tidbit, because it just makes me laugh so much.

A lot of men are looking for women, so many will me right away, or some will stop to chat for a second just to opine that they haven’t seen enough of the ladies.

On the occasion that a guy will stop to have a real conversation, I’ve even begun to assume that they are more than likely gay.

This allows people the freedom to talk more openly about sex and sexual behavior more than you’d usually expect, and while not everyone is masturbating on cam, it seems that people’s motivations for meeting others on Chatroulette are driven to at least some extent by their sex drive and attractions.

One question that will plague curious social scientists like me is: “What motivates a happens instantaneously, a split-second superficial judgment. What are people’s expectations and who do they really want to meet?As soon as I’d appear, they’d insistently ask, “You suck dick?” On the several occasions that this happened, I chose to respond by saying, “Sure, when I feel like it.” Their reactions to this are hilarious.In my opinion, credit is due when credit is deserved.There are definitely some straight men looking for locker room talk.Without a doubt, the anonymous nature of Chatroulette has a profound impact on how people interact with it.

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