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Far be it from me to disagree with the author, but let’s take a look at some other possibilities…In many ways, these aren’t easy books to cast: Kvothe himself presents a bit of a problem since his story is split into several timelines (I can’t quite imagine that any adaptation would change the whole structure of the narrative. The roles of older and younger Kvothe would both require incredibly gifted actors who resemble one another to a relatively strong extent.

I’d anticipate a lot of flashbacks to Kvothe’s boyhood as well, so in reality, I’m guessing there will be at least three actors playing the character at different points.

The producers should just construct a Bat-Signal for young ginger actors, at this point—they’re going to be seeing more redheads than a Weasley family reunion.

, I think he’d be amazing as the charming, slightly sinister Bast.

Sheehan is fantastic at swinging between comic and dramatic extremes from one minute to the next, and he’s got the look right; I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see in the role of the shifty Fae princeling.

In the end, I settled on Matthew Beard (probably best known for his roles in the films ) because he comes closest to my mental image of Kvothe as a young adult.

Of course, we’d have to reverse-Cumberbatch his hair from dark to true red first, but I think he has both the proper look and the proper intensity to be a contender…The importance of finding a young actor talented and charismatic enough to carry the series can’t be overstated, and I don’t envy them the job.I changed my mind about 20 times in the course of writing this post—for awhile, I thought about nominating Nicholas Hoult, who seems to be everywhere right now, but it just wasn’t right.I’ve also chosen actors who are mainly from the UK because in my head, The Commonwealth falls into the odd groove of “probably kind of vaguely British” that has formed in my brain over years of reading/watching fantasy series.Maybe I’m completely off, of course, and the characters should all be speaking like they’re from Wisconsin, or France, or somewhere else entirely.Whether it’s quirky comedy (, Pace brings something new and unexpected to every role.

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