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Automobiles are fantastic inventions that are very useful in getting you from point A to point B. They’re also very nice to have sex in, as any car-sex enthusiast would know. came up with a spectacularly handy guide to car sex, and outlined ways to hook up in cars of every shape and size. But lucky for you, these cars are badass and sexy as fuck, so the tight space won’t even matter. Convertibles are awesome because they resolve any issue of headroom space, because there's no roof. But while taking car of that problem, it annihilates any illusion of privacy, again, because there's no roof, and the whole world can see you having sex.

A recent study found that around 60 percent of people have had car sex at some point in their lives, and the most common car-sex activity is good old-fashioned P-in-V sex, followed by blowjobs. And since hooking up in your car is a glorious affair, I've reiterated the entire guide right here, just for you. Since this car has a roomy backseat, the answer is easy: Just hop in the back if you want to get busy. Unless you're dating a gymnast who can fold herself up into a pretzel, your options are essentially limited to her sitting on your dick like a chair. But if you manage to park in a secluded area where no one can see you, you’re free to bang in any position you choose.

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Carsex dating

You’ll be able to get into a variety of positions, although you might need to improvise and scrunch your legs a little. But since it’s still a car, don’t forget that you won’t have much headroom. Have her straddle you and go at it that way, or turn her around for some open-air doggy.

You may smack your head in the window a couple times, but that's a small price to pay for pleasure. The best positions for these cars are the same as mid to full-size sedans — doggy, sit-on-the-dick, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl — but more squished. The best positions for these cars are anything you can do laying down. Another one of the best type of car to boink in, vans and minivans are basically a small house on wheels, so you can just hop in the back and get to business.

Once I was single, I decided I wanted to capitalize on it. I don't have car sex after him either; I find the fear of getting caught again isn't exciting so much as humiliating, like a twelve-year old getting caught jerking off to his dad's .

But I lacked the tools, and once I was single, I didn't feel as confident as I had when partnered with M. And then twenty-six-year-old Nic came slithering by to fix my computer, and now I was going to get arrested for it. I fought the law and won, but I don't want to press my luck.

I knew that to open that door would mean a commitment I wasn't sure I wanted.

And then, I decided I want it, and turned the knob to let him in, always suspecting in the back of my head that I would break his heart.

I'd been single for too long then, waiting for the metamorphosis from awkward caterpillar to stunning butterfly.

M had come along and wanted me, but I had pushed him away repeatedly.

What I did learn that night was more valuable than a night spent in jail would have been (I'd like to think).

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