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But, he added helpfully, they can be found “in houses waiting for the call from pimps.” Clients can take them to private homes, known as “casas particulares,” the security man noted, where tourists can rent rooms for a night and do “whatever you want.Orgies, anything.” Exploitation thrives were poverty exists, and in that respect Cuba is no different than other destinations for sex tourists.

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• Cuba’s government “made no known efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex,” noted the 2012 version of the U. State Department’s annual report on global Trafficking in Persons (TIP).

• The 2003 version noted that some officials of Cuban state enterprises such as restaurants and hotels “turn a blind eye to this [child] exploitation because such activity helps to win hard currency.” • A dispatch by U. diplomats in Havana in 2009 noted that “some Cuban children are reportedly pushed into prostitution by their families, exchanging sex for money, food or gifts,” but gave no overall numbers.

The 50-something Canadian steps inside a downtown bar, his left arm wound tightly around the waist of a young prostitute as he flashes a sly grin.

A winking bartender welcomes him like an old friend.

Ivan Garcia, 43, a dissident Havana journalist who has written several articles on prostitution, said the underage prostitutes are typically poor, hopeless and desperate.

“For these people, ‘future’ is a bad word,” he said.

Court records indicate that the girl was asthmatic and died accidentally.

A 2003 report on Cuban sex tourism by the global monitoring group End Child Prostitution and Trafficking noted that one Canadian had been sentenced to 11 years for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl, and another was sentenced to 25 years for abusing a 15-year-old.

The State Department’s TIP report has classified Cuba as a “Tier 3” country — the worst of its rankings — when it comes to combating sex trafficking every year since 2003.

Cuban laws “do not appear to penalize prostitution of children between the ages of 16 and 18” and prostitution for those 18 and older is legal though pimping is outlawed, the 2012 edition noted.

Pimps, cabbies and tourist hotel staffers can procure discreet meetings with underage prostitutes, according to the RCMP report.

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