Carnival of carnage dating game

You can find ICP merchandise in almost any store that sells band merchandise.

Violent J has a son, they call him JJ, who appears to be in preparation to become the head of Psychopathic and all that his father has created when his dad eventually retires, or dies.

Tried seeing if anyone else has covered this topic or not, and the closest I could find was this.

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They were devastated and felt awful for having accidentally killed it.

They made a vow to each other that when they made it to Heaven that they would apologize to the butterfly face to face.

I wasn't one of the many J's disappointed when Thy Unveiling revealed that they were down with the G-O-D (to quote the movie Saved)..reaction was "Really??? Those were probably the Juggalo's who give the rest of us a bad reputation, those who nearly killed Tila Tequila despite J's pleas for the crowd to be on their best behaviour before she even hit the stage, who are quick to riot and act like...well, fucking idiots.

True, ICP has some songs that are purely entertainment and don't seem to hold any message other than, well, as one title states quite clearly: Fuck the World. Which are probably songs that Juggalos like the one above identify with all too easily.

Again, I love the music that Twiztid creates..I notice things. It took me years to even call myself a "Juggalette".

The title sounds silly and to call oneself a certain name just because you're into a certain bands music, to me, is equally silly (Beliebers, anyone?

Him and Shags were the only two who stuck it out and changed their groups name. Twiztid addressed such comments in their song Frankenstein "I'm not a clone, I'm a Frankenstein. This song, this face, this rhyme is mine, but y'all don't notice."As J and Shags signed more artists to their Psychopathic Records label and their fanbase grew, their own Juggalo world began to form.

Perhaps its pure coincidence that they later signed on Jamie and Paul (Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child) who were having issues with their own group, the House of Krazees. Now they have more artists and albums than I can keep up with, as well as their annual Gathering of the Juggalos (which I sadly have yet to attend and it doesn't appear I'll be able to anytime soon)..epic days-long party with all their artists putting on concerts, as well as other artists performances, autograph signings, dating games, mud wrestling, and other various events such as backyard wrestling. Twiztid and ICP are the two biggest, most notable groups off Psychopathic.

They inspired the name of my blog plus my dream of one day making the Dark Carnival a reality.

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