Carbon dating the iceman

After doing CT scans on the body and performing microscopic examinations of a piece of bone, scientists determined that Ötzi was between 40 to 50 years old.

The scientists based their estimate on the presence of degenerative arthritis indicated in the bones and blood vessels.

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Otzi also carried a bone needle and piece of fungus on a string that some believe were part of a prehistoric medicine kit. His backpack for example was badly damaged and scientists are not sure how it was worn: over the shoulders or over the head.

The quiver he carried has no strap to indicate how it was carried.

The heat of the fire was increased by blowing oxygen through bellows.

The nearly pure copper was then poured into a stone mold.

The presence of significant amounts of moss suggest he might have used it to wrap his food or even as toilet paper.

The copper ax was made from malachite---a copper carbonate that appears bluish-green on rock and cliff sides---that was scraped and flaked of the rock and smelted in a crucible over a campfire.Isotope levels in his bones match those of two Alpine valleys further west---the Val Senales and Val Venosta.Mica found his intestines, likely accidently ingested with stone-ground grain also matches that found in the lower Val Venosta.After Otzi was discovered the world became caught up in Iceman ania.He appeared on the cover of Time magazine and other major publications.[Source: Stephen Hall, National Geographic, July 2007; Bob Cullem Smithsonian, February 2003; David Roberts, National Geographic, June 1993 ] The Iceman lived in 3300 B. Some have called the discovery of Otzi one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. With the exception of missing toenails, all but one fingernail and an outer layer of skin the Iceman is otherwise perfectly reserved.

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