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He was even able to snap pictures and videos with the phone’s cameras without the thief suspecting a thing.

“Whenever the phone was in contact with Wi-Fi, I made a backup of all the contacts,” the student explained, “text messages, as well as the photos and videos on the telephone.” He even had access to the apps installed on the handset.

Most of these attacks are considered relatively inconsequential because the devices themselves contain no real data of value (such as credit card numbers or PII).

Even after the thief ditched van der Meer’s phone, or sold it to someone else, the spyware-loaded device would still transmit data to its rightful owner as soon as it connected to the internet — in fact it popped back online seven months after going dark.

Sure, the Android savvy crowd will immediately point out that they could detect such an intrusion.

The smartphone collects a treasure trove of information about a user, regardless of operating system, and some of that information could be easily accessible to hackers who know their way around a mobile operating system.

A few days ago, a film student who had his i Phone stolen at some point decided to get revenge.

Reports of successful hacks against Internet of Things (Io T) devices have been on the rise.

Most of these efforts have involved demonstrating how to gain access to such a device or to break through its security barrier.The student turned spy was then able to collect location data with timestamps and map the life of his subject.He saw all incoming chats and calls, and he could turn on the microphone at will to listen in on actual conversations that took place near the phone.If that’s possible using commercial software, imagine what a spy organization such as the NSA can do.The Snowden leaks have proven that spy agencies are interested in tapping into smartphones, and they have created tools that can hack and remotely access mobile devices.But it also reminds us why security is of utmost importance whether we’re talking about hardware or software.

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