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you can’t get them here because they’re illegal.” Mc Kagan contends that his Burnys achieve his sound better than any other guitar. It all started with a few threads posted on guitar forums, including one on, an outstanding forum and the place to go for all things Rickenbacker.The thread dealt with knockoff Rickenbacker guitars going by the brand name of “Rockinbetter,” an obvious distortion of the Rickenbacker name.Their logos and production styles were similar enough to where American guitar companies felt that the consumer was being confused into buying guitars which they believed were from them.

Warning: At the bottom of this page is a listing of current Ebay auctions that claim to sell lawsuit guitars.

There are still gems to be found and a lot of these auctions are genuine, but some of the lawsuit guitars found on Ebay are not lawsuit guitars at all.

As you can see it is obviously a Les Paul clone, which was made in Japan around the early to mid eighties.

Duff Mc Kagan plays a Burny Les Paul model while performing with Loaded at the third annual Rock on the Range music festival in Colombus, OH, on May 16, 2009.

Here are some tips and things to look out for when buying lawsuit guitars: It is important to investigate the specific guitar in question to make sure that it is truly an authentic.

Lawsuit guitars on Ebay will be easily verifiable through research on various guitar forums.Since they first appeared in the ‘70s, these replicas have been found in the hands of many high-profile players.In a recent interview with Ultimate, Mc Kagan praised the craftsmanship of two Burny guitars he acquired in Japan, saying, “It’s a Les Paul, but in Japan they can copy this stuff like exactly ...There are still gems to be found, but be warned and do your research!Today I am posting about one of my all time favorite guitars, it’s a Fernandes Super Grade Goldtop.The online world has made securing sophisticated collectors items like these a lot easier, it can be fun an addictive looking for vintage guitars on Ebay.

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