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You could start a book of the week for younger children and a book of the month club for older kids and teens where both parent and child read the same book and discuss it when they have both finished reading.

Then do something fun (like going out for a meal) to celebrate as you decide on the next book.

We both spent some time with her fairly regularly working with the materials as a form of “fun time.” Before we knew it, she could sound out any word we presented and could read simple sentences.

Thus, they gradually learn how to speak and listen with fluency and understanding.

The process of reading and writing is simply “talking on paper.” The only difference is that written symbols are used rather than sounds.

The child must learn the sounds letters and combination of letters make and how they string together to form words. Once a child learns to decode they can understand communication through written language based on the skills developed through their development of oral language.

Reading to Younger Children Just as parents should spend time each day talking to and with their young child, they should also spend some time each day reading to their young child.

If you want more suggestions on how to help your child improve reading comprehension we suggest 7 Keys to Comprehension: How to Help Your Kids Read It and Get It! Once children are readers, get a library card or join a book club to increase the reading material available.

Subscribe to a children’s magazine that is geared to the child’s interests and age level.Children develop language skills by listening to and mimicking their parents.When children are born they have the capability of producing any sound made in any language spoken in the world.The Read-Aloud Handbook has been around for decades and is a must for parents who want to read to their kids.For suggestions on what to read to children at various age levels we suggest What to Read When: The Books and Stories to Read with Your Child–and All the Best Times to Read Them.Reading With Older Children Once your child can read, reading time shifts to listening to the child read and taking turns reading with them.

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