Brooke davis dating quotes

And heaven is where they send all the good people, like you and me and that nice blonde from Master Chef. In heaven, you hang out with God and Jimi Hendrix, and you get to eat doughnuts whenever you want.

It's amazing, this, but the women in the restroom don't notice, and just stare, panicked, into the mirror, trying to work out what's wrong with them before anyone else does.” ― Brooke Davis, “En ineens weet ze zeker dat ze het kleinste ding is dat ooit is gemaakt, nog kleiner zelfs dan de stukjes gruis in haar rug, of de mieren die om haar voeten kruipen, want de wereld is zo groot, zo vol met bomen en sterren en sterven dat ze misschien wel precies, denkt ze, een liggend streepje is.” ― Brooke Davis, “You see, Squirt, there's heaven, and then there's hell. Was passiert, wenn die Stufen sich nicht rechtzeitig flach machen?

Hell is where they send all the bad people, like criminals and con artists and parking inspectors.

It was a feel good show with lots of drama and romance as well as some sports (for the guys).

Brooke Davis was my favorite female lead because she never gave up on herself and rarely ever let anything get in her way!

Make everyday worth it and make sure to show your loved ones you care.8. It scares you and it beats you up, but there's a day when you realize that you're not just a survivor -- you're a warrior.

You're tougher than anything it throws your way." - Again, very inspirational because she is positive and knows she can get through anything.Her enthusiasm remained strong throughout the show especially when she went through tough moments in her life.If you haven't watched One Tree Hill, it's definitely worth watching.Love hurts, and things got messy even for total queen bee Brooke Davis.But through every breakup, she picked herself back up and came out on top... That's just how she rolled, and she was looked up to because of it.Other people will talk even when you don't give them anything to talk about.

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