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If you don’t match its criteria, it will reject your application.At the very least, it may use your score to decide how much interest to charge you.When a firm searches your credit record, it leaves a ‘hard footprint’ that can be seen by other lenders.

A quick tip to improve your score, however, is to make sure you are on the electoral register at your current address.

If you are not, then lenders are likely to be reluctant to lend to you.

You might think that if you have never had a credit card, or any other type of loan, then your credit record will be squeaky clean – making you the perfect candidate for lenders.

However, a quirk of lenders is that they are more confident in lending to people who have a history of borrowing and repaying debt on time.

However, if you share a financial product with another person then their score could impact your rating.

There is no such thing as a credit blacklist of certain postcodes.By law all credit agencies are required to provide you with a one-off copy of your credit report for £2.However, you can also purchase additional products that allow you unlimited viewings of your rating online.Since the onset of the credit crunch, we are more aware than ever before of the importance of ensuring our credit record is not only accurate but also as ‘good’ as possible.When you apply to take out a financial product (such as a credit card, loan, mortgage or even a current account), your credit history will be checked by the provider to confirm the information you have told it and to give you a credit score.While missing a payment will be recorded on your file and could affect your overall credit score, it’s worth remembering that lenders will put more prominence on more recent activity.

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