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This cycle repeats itself until real intimacy becomes impossible and users start feeling empty, guilty and alone.Don’t panic you’re an addict just because you’re into online encounters at the moment.

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And with technology making such activities so easy, some psychologists believe this behaviour can result in a form of addiction.

“Online sex addiction isn’t really anything to do with sex,” says Robert.

While real-world one-night stands are well known for causing confusion (did they just want me for sex? Etc) online interactions have other potential problems we’re only just beginning to understand.

“The immediacy of these online sexual experiences takes inhibition out of the equation,” says Robert Weiss, who runs a sex addiction centre and is author of Untangling The Web: Breaking free from sex, porn and fantasy in the internet age.

“There’s no time to think ‘maybe this isn’t a good idea.'” “In the past, if you wanted sex, you had to get dressed, go out to a bar, practice social skills, practice getting rejected.

All of these steps gave you time to think and perhaps back out.But with online hook-ups, these preventative steps aren’t there and that can make impulsive people vulnerable,” he says.For most internet sex lovers, the thrill is relatively short-lived.We’re programmed to shack up and snuggle together in caves, after all.What’s unhealthy is when people get dependant on these 2D, fast-paced unemotional encounters.We’re often loath to admit it, but humans crave a deeper emotional connection with one another.

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