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Specifically, one problem area may be asking questions for information.

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In order to continue game play, the child must ask an adult for help.

Non-verbal children can use a hand signal or picture card to practice this skill.

In many cases, teaching children with autism requires a different approach than teaching neuro-typical children.

Lesson plans need to focus on challenging areas for kids on the spectrum, including communication issues, social skills difficulties, and fine motor challenges.

This is a great lesson if you are on a tight budget.

All you'll need is the free lesson plan and some art supplies.Creating a comic book builds on many of the strengths typical of children with autism, including visual processing.However, this type of activity also works well for auditory or kinesthetic learners, since the child is creating the story by drawing the pictures and writing the words.Many children on the spectrum struggle with the functional use of language; in other words, they may have a hard time using language to communicate their needs.This skill is very important for people with autism, but it can be difficult to teach. It's essential to set up situations where the child will only be able to get the desired object by asking for help.If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

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