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The effects of breast cancer and treatment will continue after the initial treatment ends. And what kind of future can a breast cancer survivor expect? Many factors contribute to how a woman feels, both emotionally and physically.

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This episode of Second Opinion looks at the struggles breast cancer patients face returning to life as they knew it before diagnosis.

After surgery and immediate therapy for breast cancer, patients still have a lot of emotional and physical healing to do.

The Feminist Majority Foundation's site on breast cancer contains critical information that separates myth from reality, links to breast cancer hotlines, an extensive list of internet resources, suggestions on actions you can take to support breast cancer research, and information on clinical trials of possible treatments.

The Breast Cancer Network is a non-profit clearinghouse for information on the detection and treatment of breast cancer.

The crisis is over, but a lingering sense of anxiety remains. Friends and family might have unrealistic expectations about how fast everyone concerned can return to their former lives.

Plus, after facing one of life's greatest challenges some woman find their "before" life goals no longer fit.

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Their breast cancer page helps users to answer critical questions about breast cancer.

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