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They covered major breaking news including the Intercept's article releasing documents outline Russian intervention in the election. President Trump announced he would be withdrawing America from the Paris Climate Accord.ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack that clearly wasn't theirs.We covered the murder of a Richard Collins III by a member of an Alt-Reich Facebook... Last night was our takeover of the Intercept's Facebook live stream, or as we've come to call it: The Intercept Live. We're not even six months in and this is definitively stranger than fiction. Did you see Sally Yates ether Senators Cornyn and Cruz? We also discussed their overall strategy towards actions. No charges for the police who murdered Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

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"I wasn't even born when this war started...." There's one thing that will continue to haunt you ... Former campaign chair for Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, was indicted on 12 counts on yesterday morning. And finally, we have to find a way to put an end to the lie that tax cuts = economic... Salam Morcos and I discuss the Uranium One deal which is back in the news today because of a newly launched investigation by Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee.

We discuss this and the continued attempt by some to use Hillary Clinton to deflect from the Trump administration's problems. A friend of mine lost his job because he went on a Black show based in Washington DC and that show was on the Sputnik Radio network.

Pat Roberston says that Las Vegas happened because we don't respect Trump. So Facebook called all those sites fake news, but turns out they were selling ads to fake, Russian social media accounts. Hostilities escalate with North Korea firing a ballistic missile through Japanese air space.

Gospel artist says she voted for Trump because of his Christian views. And while we're talking about Facebook, here's why Mark Zuckerberg should never be President.150 conservative Christian leaders release their Nashville Statement condemning anything outside sex between married men and women. Joel Osteen gets dragged on social media for sending prayers and well wishes but not opening up his church to the city of Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harve Donald Trump moves forward with the ban on Transgender Americans serving in the military.

His DOJ gets court order to receive information on protesters who visited Disrupt J20's website.

Finally, the story of Frank who works two jobs but is still... Some of the escalation can be explained with the international relations concept of an Arms Race. Don Jr releases email chain that shows direct knowledge that Russia was attempting to help the Trump campaign. Tonight I discussed polling showing the majority of Republican view college as a negative force on America.

Officers shoot and kill a woman who was struggling with mental health issues and several months pregnant. A white terrorist kills 1 and injures 10 in London. GOP Whip, Steve Scalise shot at practice baseball game amongst staffers and lobbyist. Besides of few testy exchanges, there wasn't much revealed. Qatar has been isolated economically and diplomatically by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt and, now, Jordan.

Seven sailors are dead as the result of a Navy ship... Steve Harvey is in trouble for a ridiculous joke about the Flint water crisis. Trump relinquishes control of troop levels to Sec of Defense Jim Mattis. I had a chance to speak with Aaron Bowersock of Socialist Alternative about the People's Summit. We review the facts of the story and the implications.

Bernie Sanders is catching a lot of flack for not voting for the Iranian-Russian sanctions bill. Ten students have had their acceptance to Harvard rescinded because of disturbing...

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