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They can also help if you have already chosen to live as a different gender and want help with any other steps. You're not alone and there are support groups for you and your family to help understand all gender identity issues.

The other day, one of them, "Miss Diane," asked if she could drop by next weekend to pick up our son and take him to the park, and/or to get a snow cone, or something along those lines.

Here's the thing: Neither my wife nor I can think of a single reason to say no to this request, but we both kind of have the creeps about it.

Your sexual identity can be described as how you see yourself in terms of who you are attracted to be it sexually or romantically.

When talking about sexual identity the terms that are most commonly used are straight, gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual.

I fantasized (and still do) about being with women and men alike; however, the opportunity to be with a woman never presented itself and I never pursued it.

I've made jokes about being with a girl, but my husband says it "does nothing" for him.

I guess my question is twofold: 1) Are we being unreasonable?

Everybody always says "follow your gut" in situations like this, but my gut isn't making a reasoned argument.

There are lots of organisations out there that can offer you support and guidance during this time in your life.

We have listed some of them below: You can also contact Childline by phone, text or through our website.

Fast forward through the years and I still feel like I am missing out on something sexually and am kicking myself for not doing this before I settled down.

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