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Ice-core deuterium appears to be a little higher than snow deuterium, and the average for the 7 ice-core sections is 2.92 ‰ greater than the average for the 155 corresponding years of compiled snow samples.

The deuterium scale on graphs in this note is annotated in 9 ‰ intervals, as 9 ‰ / ⁰C is the basic deuterium/temperature conversion factor for the Vostok core quoted by Petit (ibid.).

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Thus, from the Vostok perspective, our present climate is about 2 ⁰C below the warmest of the last 420000 years, and about 6 ⁰C above the coldest. These fictions, the dire prophecies that attend them and the disparagement of those that question them, however, are vigorously promoted and widely accepted. Multiple climate shifts in the Southern Hemisphere over the past three centuries based on central Antarctic snow pits and core studies.

They seem to be as important socially as they are false scientifically.

Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok Ice Core, Antarctica.

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Each average was adjusted upward by 2.92 ‰ as suggested by the overlap comparison.

The chart shows Vostok ice-core deuterium, along with the adjusted snow-averages, for a detailed indication of temperature from -140000 (140000 BC) to 2000. 1996) ice cores as well as from surface air at the South Pole (C. Keeling, et al., 2001) provide a record of CO began to rise to concentrations far beyond any seen previously in the ice-core record.

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The uppermost 7 m of the Vostok core might have provided a unique perspective on this frightening claim, but the available data ( have only a mean deuterium value of -438 ‰ for this recent portion, well below the highest value in the core of -414.8 ‰. A summary ( with digital data became available in May, 2017.

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