Aries man dating leo woman

Both have bags of ego to spare, but neither are unlikely to be turned off by the other’s in the initial stages.

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They will love to shower each other in gifts and attention. Men will wonder how he captured such a beautiful woman, and he will love that everyone wants what he has.

He will be proud to bring his extravagant woman around to meet everyone he knows. When you tell an Aries man that he cannot have something, he wants it 10 times more. He finally has met someone that is as amazing as he is.

Aries have a stunning habit of letting their greatest strengths become manipulated into self-defeating weakness, and there is plenty of room for Leo Woman to run a number on him socially if she feels it necessary to drive the point home that way.

She will accuse him of being stubborn (when really we know who is the more fixed of the two) when she feels he is not bending to her will, in return for all the affection she has sent his way.

She will feel unrewarded by all the effort she puts in, and she is no way near as into second chances as Aries is used to receiving (or giving, himself).

It would take a lot of work, compromise and change on one or the other’s part. but truthfully they are unlikely to meet each other halfway.

Unfortunately this light comedy and playfighting is likely to get very serious down the line, owing to the more fixed nature of Leo Woman who doesn’t understand how Aries Man’s feelings (and words behind them) barely last into tomorrow on average, let alone into next year like some of her more unforgiving ones.

But before we ever get there, there’s the mutual delight of finding a competitive romance between these two – a battle of prowess that extends to the bedroom but blazes through the social scene along the way there.

She wants her own career, and to be provided for as well.

He will be happy to provide AND support her in every way he can.

They both also relish being seen on the scene in the best light possible…

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