Are jason and molly still dating are bonnie wright and daniel radcliffe dating

Tuesday night's "The Bachelor After the Final Rose: Part 2" answered two key questions. Jillian Harris (who made it to Jason's top three this season). After all on last night's show Jason shocked and angered many viewers when he decided he'd rather date runner-up bachelorette Molly than marry his initial first-choice Melissa.

Are Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick still together? "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison says it was actually six weeks ago that the dramatic events presented in last night's "After the Final Rose" unfolded. He broke up with a tearful Melissa during Monday's telecast of "After the Final Rose." Moments later he was shown on screen telling a stunned Molly that he wanted to date her and that he made a mistake when he gave the final rose to Melissa.

(Jason had been married to Hilary Mesnick and after the divorce appeared on the De Anna Pappas season of "The Bachelorette." Jason came in second to Jesse Csincsak.) Just an hour earlier, during the airing of "The Bachelor," viewers watched Jason ask Melissa to be his wife.

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"It's been an incredibly difficult couple of weeks for us.

Melissa's reaction to being broken up with on television?

"You're such a bastard." Talk show hosts and guests seemed to agree.

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" guest Evangeline Lilly, from "Lost," said she didn't even want to be in the same vicinity as the bachelor.

It's like a friend recently told her, "People tend to forget that we're not just characters on a TV show... luckily, I've had Jason to lean on and we're happier then ever right now." Up next: Jason and Molly together Before the previous commercial break, it was Jason's turn. She said she's surprisingly doing very well and has no regrets.

My morals and my character are being questioned and that's unfortunate." Has the negative publicity bothered her? I need that for me and that's what I need for my son." Chris read a quote from Melissa, who declined ABC's invitation to be on the show.Before discovering that Jason had changed his mind, Molly said she still got "weak in the knees" when she saw Jason on episodes of the show.Before Molly appeared on screen, Jason dumped Melissa and admitted to his upset fiancee that he couldn't get Molly out of his mind.Still dressed in formal clothes, they jumped into a pool with Ty.The final scene showed an elated Melissa hugging a smiling Jason as little Ty splashed in the water. She told Jason that she thought he was making a huge mistake and that he'd end up hurt again.(Jason had been the runner-up bachelor on season four's "The Bachelorette" with De Anna Pappas.) During the final episode of "The Bachelor" Jason seemed upset by Molly's insistence that a wrong choice was made.

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