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Users will be able to share their real-time location with anyone and the people they share with will be able to see the location on Android, i Phone, mobile web and desktop."Location sharing on Google Maps is rolling worldwide over the coming week and you'll be able to quickly let your friends and family know where you are and when you'll get where you're going," said Sanket Gupta, Product Manager, Google Maps, in a post.To share your location, go to the side menu in the map or simply tap the blue dot givne at righ hand corner of the screen. Tap "Share location" and then select who to share with and how long to share-and it's done.Example: It would be really helpful if someone points me towards the right direction.

Apps that use location services must request location permissions.

In this lesson you require fine location detection, so that your app can get as precise a location as possible from the available location providers.

This lesson shows you how to request regular updates about a device's location using the before version 12.0.0 causes the client app to crash when Google Play services is updated on the device.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Request this permission with the Before requesting location updates, your app must connect to location services and make a location request.

The lesson on Changing Location Settings shows you how to do this.

Once a location request is in place you can start the regular updates by calling that contains the location in its extended data.

The accuracy and frequency of the updates are affected by the location permissions you've requested and the options you set in the location request object.

I will have about 20 Data Frames like this and I need them all to be on the map at the same time so I can juxtapose their motion: df.head() diff Secs latitude longitude altitude time code name 0 1.607 42.354028 -71.079376 50 2011-12-15 APPLE 1 1.189 42.354028 -71.079376 50 2011-12-15 APPLE 2 0.899 42.354028 -71.079376 50 2011-12-15 APPLE 3 1.134 42.354028 -71.079376 50 2011-12-15 APPLE 4 0.798 42.354028 -71.079376 50 2011-12-15 APPLE this way I plot all of the patients distinguishable, in the right place, and at the same times as the others.

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