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) Nested in the ruins of an old-empire fortress-city and surrounded by corrupted forests, The Lingering Guillotine is a lodge for poachers, slavers, treasure hunters, and all of their kind - It's a place where they can make deals and relax free from the punishing presence of foreign inquisitors and municipal law. Remember when magical girls were about love and friendship and kicking butt while being girly?

A room for magical girls and those who love or hate them! It doesn’t always have to be scary monsters creeping out over young women…!

Anyone and everyone can come in, even younger folks! For all dragons, and those that worship, adore, or are involved with them in some way.

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Only Tops are significantly more likely to prefer smooth men than Only Bottoms who tend to prefer very hairy men.

In a pilot study with only 20 subjects and a dichotomized sex role preference, Damon (2000) found trends that power motivations correlated with sex role preference.

Critics may point out that maybe Bottoms who prefer older partners become Tops who prefer younger partners as they get older, or that Tops in general are older than Bottoms.

An ANOVA using sex role preference as the grouping variable and age as the dependent variable found no significant age difference between the 5 sex role groups (F[5,388]=1.60, p=.16).

Respondents were also asked whether they preferred their sexual activities to be gentle, rough or in-between.

It was found that Only Bottoms and Versatiles (prefer Bottom) were more likely to prefer rough sex than the other 3 categories, again suggesting that receptive anal intercourse is linked with a desire to be overpowered.(posted in 2002) (download as PDF) Most psychology research that deal with gay men dichotomize the sex roles as Top and Bottom (if they differentiate among gay men at all) - preference for insertive anal intercourse and preference for receptive anal intercourse respectively.This paper summarizes a study that tested a more elaborate categorization, and finds that sex role preference is correlated with differences in physical preferences for a sexual partner among gay men, suggesting that the hypothesized categorization is meaningful.Creatures and beings of every shape and size roam freely.A city, a tea house, a prison cell - the only limit to the park's terrain is the imagination of those who to venture into it. Come on in to gush over your favorite hentai artists, or pick a setting and dive into the park!In conclusion, instead of the Top and Bottom dichotomy, the data shows that there seems to be a fairly continuous spectrum of sex role preferences among gay men that map fairly consistently onto a continuous spectrum of physical preferences.

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