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Matthew Hartley is a fictional character on the American comedy-drama series Ugly Betty. He is a sports writer and Betty's fellow YETI student.

Betty was annoyed at him at first (he follows her around through Fashion Week), after the two hit it off, it leads to indications that they could be more than just friends.

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He is now the Managing Editor at Mode Magazine, after his father offered him a job at Mode.

Matt is introduced in the fifteenth episode in season 3 of Ugly Betty as a fellow Young Editors Training Initiative (YETI) student.

Matt belongs to a prominent wealthy family; his parents are socialite Victoria Hartley and business man and philanthropist Cal Hartley (who is currently the "silent" owner of Meade Publications). Matt has a MBA, half a law degree and nearly became a large animal vet.

Brought up in prestigious and privilege lifestyle, he attended Yale University and studied piano at the Turtle Bay Music School.

The following day, Betty sees Matt hugging a woman and assumes the worst.

However the woman is Matt's therapist and Matt reveals that he slept with a lot of women and used sex as self destructive behavior.He was former sports writer who switched careers frequently, pursuing careers in law, medicine, music and painting.He also has a brown belt in karate, an athlete in running long distances, and is fluent in three languages.She also reveals her past with Henry and Matt patiently listens.However Betty decides to leave and tells Matt she's not ready to see someone yet, when Matt was about to tell her he forgot his wallet.After they share a kiss and she indicates that maybe she will spend the night, he promptly shoves her into a cab. Betty is given tips by Marc and Mandy and she tries to seduce Matt at her former apartment.

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