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This essay is about real people in real situations but whose real identities have been camouflaged to protect them.

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Dealing with pants-on-the-butts-and -music-in-the-ear akata Nigerian children can be exasperating. They can be mean, aggressive, and extremely vengeful when they don't have their way. Paulina Ozoemela (fictitious), BSN/RN had the rudest shock of her life when the New York police and Department of Social Services came to the hospital where Mrs. The police handcuffed our home girl and bundled her off to jail on charges of molestation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her crime was refusal to purchase an expensive name-brand clothing her son wanted and the son retaliated by reporting Mom to his school for allegedly coming into his room at nights to fumble his little penis. Ozoemela was exonerated because her son named a night the crime was committed and the court found out from the nurse work records that Mom was at work at that time.

Luckily Mrs O was found innocent of the charge and kept her nurse's license, but the damage had been done and our BSN/RN woman felt as shameful as a real criminal.

Daughters aged 17, 20, and 21 had just arrived in the city in the year of our Lord 2000. Presence of ndi uwe oji (police clad in black uniforms ) landed Doc in jail. If the Braves still owes Hector $27million after suspension, you can figure out what a whopping reduction in salary Hector's domestic violence has cost this player.

They were restless, itching to get groovy and sexy in America they had been seeing on televion and hearing from stories Papa narrated whenever he visited Nigeria. If you say $20 million, your guess is as good as mine.

The Calabar man filed a suit seeking injunctive relief to save his medical degree which was on the verge of being destroyed.

When the media came with cameras, the white people got scared, and the medical school administrators said to Bassey: "Here is your degree and get out of the State immediately".With removal of the penis, your wife would say to you the husband: "Mba-nu" (No now). We sympathetic Nigerians organized and marched into the medical school in protest on behalf a Calabar man who would laugh at Anayamiris in NIgeria.We behaved rowdy as jungle people, and white people became scared.It is like emasculation, or removal of the man's penis and the testicles. Bassey the Calabar man who was in his final year at a Florida medical school and who flogged his daughter with a belt for pilfering/stealing childish items at a department store.It is worse than just castration or removal of the testicles alone. The medical school kicked the soon-to-be doctor out just a few months before graduation.Coming back one early morning and finding the window locked, this girl told police she was climbing out because her father was sexually molesting her.

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