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Why I dislike leading lines aft summary: 1) Additional cost of longer lines, fairleads and larger winches required for increased loads 2) Lines running along deck makes footing more treacherous 3) Increased friction on halyards inhibits sail lowering ability 4) Single line reefing doesn’t produce a good reef 5) Excessive line clutter in the cockpit causes snags, knots and high potential for tripping 6) Doesn’t afford the opportunity to inspect your rigging at the mast regularly 7) Doesn’t prepare you for going forward for when the shit hits the fan.Remember: practice makes perfect Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject in the comments!

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It is my opinion that the running rigging complexities found aboard many modern sailboats actually contribute to the difficulties and fear of sailing in bad weather.

It is a fact that the more turns and bends a line must make, the more friction is introduced into the system, and this fact alone makes lowering sails more difficult.

The views in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of SSPH!

~ Ben (A version of this article was also published in SAIL Magazine April 2013) I’ve had the good fortune to sail aboard a wide variety of boats from 7′ dinghies to 180′ square riggers.

We’ve sailed our boats for years making both offshore passages and coastal day-trips—most of the time single-handed.

Efficiency, safety, and ease of use have always been top priorities.Furthermore the sailor who is not accustomed to getting out from behind the dodger while underway will be unrehearsed for the foredeck dance when the squall’s sinister song plays.Between the two of us, Teresa and I have owned three boats so far: Two Nor’sea 27’s and a Bristol Channel Cutter 28.His book The Power of Simplicity The more complex a machine or procedure or set-up becomes, the less directly it applies its power.Simple forces applied intelligently should carry the day.The belief is that lines led to the cockpit make sailing safer and easier.

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