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At least one rocket-propelled grenade hit the aircraft in the tail rotor.

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As he called in close air support to keep the enemy at bay, Chapman was cut off from the SEALs. By the time Razor 1 approached Ginger, the sun was rising.

The rescue force had lost the advantages of surprise and darkness. Heavy machine gun, Kalashnikov and grenade fire erupted from the snowy mountainside as the helicopter came in to land.

It wasn’t long before Cunningham’s hunger to improve his medical skills had propelled him down the corridor.

Soon he was spending a couple of hours every day with the medical staff, learning by doing under their tutelage.“Every time we had a casualty event he was always the first one here offering to help,” said Dr.

With the controls seizing up, it was all the pilot could do to limp north about four miles to a safer, flatter part of the valley, where he put the helicopter down. “He was all about saving people’s lives.” For security reasons, Scott did not want his full name used. The pararescuemen arehoused in the ground floor of the Bagram airfield tower building.

The two years of grueling schooling it takes to earn the pararescueman’s badge requires an airman to become skilled at dealing with mental and physical stresses few others could endure. Fifteen yards down the corridor are the expert field surgeons of the 274th Forward Surgical Team.

Now, as the Chinook soared toward the heart of enemy territory, Cunningham was going to have an opportunity to put both skills to the test.

Another surprise On Ginger, the al-Qaida fighters had executed Roberts, and the SEALs’ rescue mission had become a desperate fight for their own lives.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

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