talk to your parents about dating - Advantages of dating a shorter man

Throughout the study, the researchers noticed a consistent pattern with short men and their partners: They were more likely to partner with women who are older, less educated, and younger.

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About 50 percent of women restricted their online dating searches to men who were taller than them. From Assortative to Ashortative Coupling: Men’s Height, Height Heterogamy, and Relationship Dynamics in the United States.

This finding was also consistent when the same team of researchers took a survey of college students and found about 30 percent of women would feel “awkward” or “weird” dating a shorter guy.

)Usher is also considered under average height for a man, and then there's sexy Michael J. Even Tom Cruise, who definitely has other issues aside from just his height, still manages to nab many a leading lady.

And yet, women still aren't into dating guys who are shorter than them. Are you telling me that if John Legend came up to you and said he wanted to wine and dine you, you would be like, "You have to hit 6 feet? I asked a few of my friends if they would date a man who is shorter than them when they wear flats, and most of them said no.

These men were somewhat less likely to get married, with an 18 percent marriage rate lower than men of average height, at every age before 45.

Weitzman believes this is because short men may have a harder time getting married, since they’re viewed as less masculine by society.To examine the effects of male height on various relationship outcomes in longer-term relationships, researchers Dalton Conley, a sociologist at New York University, and Abigail Weitzman, a Ph. candidate, collected data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics — a University of Michigan project that’s been collecting demographic data on 5,000 families for almost 50 years.This data was used to look at how a man’s height impacts different areas of his relationship after the initial dating period.It’s unclear whether women prefer this because of society’s pressure for women to be slim or because of an evolutionary perspective. David Frederick, an assistant professor of Psychology at Chapman University, examines how social remission processes and our evolved psychology interact to influence our close relationships and our views of what is attractive.He has hypothesized women may prefer a taller partner because it can make them feel smaller, or women have developed a preference for taller men because of the advantages height can provide them in male-on-male competitions, reported.The researchers estimated 79 percent of short men make more money than their significant others, compared to 70 percent of average men, and 71 percent of tall men.

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