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Factors significantly associated with IPV across most sites included witnessing violence against the mother, partner’s heavy drinking and involvement in fights, women’s experience of unwanted first sex, frequent quarrels and partner’s controlling behavior.

Adolescent and young women face a substantially higher risk of experiencing IPV than older women.

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Japan was excluded from this analysis since women below the age of 18 could not be interviewed.

If possible, surveys were conducted in a rural and urban site in each country.

The relationship quality level was analyzed separately as frequency of quarrel and controlling behavious are often seen as forms of IPV and therefore conceptually different from the risk factors analyzed at the current relationship level, which are clearly acknowledged as risk and protective factors of IPV.

The analysis was limited to “ever-partnered” women between 15 and 24 years old to capture those women who were going through the biological changes and social-role transitions that define adolescence and young adulthood [].

Studies conducted in non-industrialized countries highlight the increased risk of economic hardship and early marriage on adolescents or young women’s experience of IPV or sexual coercion in marital or dating relationships [].

It remains difficult to compare the findings across these studies, as they differ in terms of measurement and sampling strategies, age groups interviewed and study objectives.

IPV is a consequence of a complex combination of individual, relationship and societal factors.

To investigate the factors associated with gender-based violence, a relationship approach framework was used that separately considers factors that existed prior to the relationship, factors that characterize the current relationship and factors relating to the relationship quality (Figure ] and was adapted for this analysis, by adding the relationship quality level.

Adolescence and early adulthood is an important period in laying the foundation for healthy and stable relationships, and women’s health and well-being overall.

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