Adult chatroullette

As useful as smartphones may be, certain dangers lurk behind the seemingly-innocent features of some apps.

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"After I got comfortable 'nexting' people I realised I would definitely next me too, I really only pause on pretty girls," he says on his video.

He proved his theory with the help of female friend Genevieve who had far more luck, holding conversations for a minimum of two minutes with nine out of ten of her chatbuddies (both male and female).

There's also the potential thrill of a brush with a celebrity - popstar Katy Perry has said she is a fan of the site.

However there are far more unsavoury stories of people clicking "next" only to be faced with genitals and various sexual acts.

"You can stop when you want and the other person can't trace you.

March 10, 2015 Teens today can’t go a day without using their personal devices.

Tony Neate, managing director of campaign group Get Safe Online, says this sort of internet experience comes with a strong health warning.

"You don't know who you'll meet or what you'll see," he told BBC News.

During filming 19 out of 20 of his random chat buddies clicked away from him in under three seconds.

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