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We offer different types of Memberships and facilities at each Club, and the types of memberships and facilities offered by us will differ from Club to Club, and may change from time to time. You should contact your Home Club if you would like further details of different types of Virgin Active Memberships that are available.

Each category of Membership has different restrictions, conditions, and benefits.

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In these Rules, “Virgin Active”, “us”, “we” or “our” means Virgin Active trading through any Virgin group company.

Words and phrases in these Rules have the same meanings as given in our Membership Terms & Conditions, unless specified otherwise. Acceptance of an application for Membership at each Club is at our absolute discretion (although we will exercise our discretion reasonably, and in compliance with applicable laws). Membership entitles Members to use the facilities available from time to time at their Home Club.

Any person who does not comply with these Rules may be ejected from, or denied access to a Club, or may have their Membership terminated by Virgin Active if the non-compliance is serious.

Each of our Clubs also has their own operational rules (on display in various parts of the Club) which you must also comply with.

Junior members over the age of 14 may use the gym floor whilst their Guardian is elsewhere in the club, provided the junior member has had the relevant gym floor induction for over 14s. Junior members may attend specific family friendly group exercise classes with their Guardian.

These classes, along with the relevant age banding, are clearly marked on the timetable for each club. The Jacuzzi, spa, sauna and steam facilities are only accessible to members aged 16 and over.

You may not bring, use, or be under the influence of illegal drugs in any part of a Club.

You may not bring any intoxicating liquor into a Club or be drunk in a Club. We may terminate your Virgin Active Membership (if applicable) and may refuse you entry into a Club, or eject you from a Club, if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these Rules, your Membership contract (if applicable), or if you engage in any other serious misconduct. Members of a Club, their guests, visitors, and members of staff should at all times display mutual respect for each other. Complaints should be communicated privately to a member of the relevant Club’s management, or in writing through the suggestion/comments boxes provided in the club’s, or by post to the Club’s General Manager. Smoking is prohibited in any area of the club including the use of e-cigarettes or similar devices. You must be dressed in suitable attire at all times when on Club premises, and appropriate exercise clothing is required whilst exercising in a Club.

Use of a locker (other than any designated private lockers) while not on Club premises is prohibited.

If you leave your belongings overnight in a locker (other than in any designated private locker), Virgin Active reserves the right to open the locker (by force if necessary) and remove your belongings. Your belongings, so removed, will be available for collection from the relevant Club’s Reception for a period of thirty (30) days, upon payment of the prevailing holding charge.

Another category of Membership or Club may be of interest to you if your requirements or circumstances change. A Membership Card will be issued to each Member when they join a Club and, in relation to Clubs incorporating RFID technology, an RFID wristband. There is a fee of £5 for replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged cards or RFID wristbands. Each Member must have his/her card swiped for security and verification on each visit to a Club before proceeding into the Club.

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