7 observations on dating for short guys

Just something I noticed and thought I'd comment on."If your profile is honest, you cant be called a liar. We can always aspire, but sometimes we all fall a little short. i hope i never sound DESPRATE, but then i know i keep posting that im NOT looking , i know what you mean by the desperation guys n girls though , but i think we all know that when these fishes put 'genuine, kind and caring' we know deep down that its not 100% last gent ( well i say gent) i was dateing never asked how my little lady was, i believe he had the kind, caring stuff on his profile aswell ( not on this site i might add) now being as he has a little one himself ud think he would of asked about her? but what appeals to me in a profile is an individual's originality and creativity whether it be bullshit or truth if they can manage to write in a reader-friendly way it gives an indication that they are self aware and open and naturally know how to appeal to others sensibilities so by default they are clever and yeah ok manipulative to an extent but at the very least open - like them or don't like them you should admire them for their affrontery The sycophants and other asswipes....they oughta be persecuted and deleted the same way they wish someone who has something different to say which they imagine goes against the grain should be.

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A recurring theme in a lot of those profiles is people claiming to be honest, genuine, caring etc.

Surely how people percieve us is mainly subjective?

Again - reading through the forums, I notice people making finding, 'the one', the focal point of their lives - as though it has become the be all and end all.

Being that way can give out vibes of desperation and will actually push people away from you. Thinking of no individual in particular, as there are far too many.

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I have been here roughly two weeks (ish) now and have had the odd the gander at other people's profiles.But at the end of the day its a dating site and some people think they need to sell themselves to find a partner! we know its a virtual world looking into any computer.. so we make a virtual "us" we are whoever we want the world to think we are.. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Best advice in the world is be you, enjoy the chace, and when you get kicked back, get up and get going again.

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