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If you were to thaw them on the counter, they would certainly be in the danger zone too long (every minute at room temperature is a minute in the danger zone).

I think half-cooking them would only the likelihood of safety issues due to multiple warming/cooling cycles.

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See product for application and installation details.

Both Sale__c and Project__c have different status in a picklist.

Note that this will only work if the relationship is Master-Detail.

If it isn't, you will have to either change it to Master-Detail or revert to an APEX trigger.

You are essentially putting all those pesky microbes on pause, so they can't multiply and have a big ol' botulism party on your chicken.

So if your food is clean and safe when it The freezer does indeed "stop time"...

The safety issues with stuffed poultry generally come when thawed and then cooked-reheated. If they are not completely thawed in the fridge, you run into the issue of either the bird must be left at room temp too long or a very long defrost time.

If the chicken or capon is cooked frozen or still partially frozen. By the time the stuffing hits 165 f the bird will be dry.

This is with fresh raw chicken and raw stuffing (no eggs), and then freezing the chicken stuffed with stuffing and defrosting and cooking at a later point.

I was told that it's a safety issue and I should instead half-cook the capons and then freeze.

Just prep your chicken and get it into the freezer within the recommended window of two hours that it can safely be in the "danger zone" of 40-140 F.

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