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I'd like to see a few of these slacking new guys at least posting SOMETHING/ANYTHING and show me they are using the material in months 5-8 before I release it.

Rather than simply let me know the coach spoke to me like a piece of dirt, told me what I liked doing didn't mean shit.

When I called him out on it and told him not to speak to me like that he apologised and said that none of the coaches get paid and he has to get through posts as fast as possible.

It's a shame because the coaching offered is the worst part of this product, and is not worth the money you pay for it.

After listening to the seminar I went out the first weekend solo, both nightclub and daygame, after sitting in the house for a long time I threw myself into it, I had a really hard time in the club.

Literally no student has succeeded, and he makes wild claims about his ability.

If you come in and have some severe issue he is going to manipulate you into listening to him.

Just payme 0/hour for shitty advice." And when you are going out solo you have no other view point except for your own and what Brad P tells you. Brad P is basically trying to create a cult of losers who keeps paying money into their pocket.

There are a few people who I respect there, but the coach who posts most John, is a horrible coach.

It's called the 30/30 Club because you commit to meeting 30 new women every 30 days. It's an attainable goal, and it helps you improve much more than reading alone.

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