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The Houthi-run Saba news agency, citing a security source, said …

Continued By Nour Abu Aisha GAZA CITY, Palestine (AA): Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh described Wednesday’s handover of the Gaza Strip’s border crossings to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as “the first phase of inter-Palestinian reconciliation”. Continued By Michael Hernandez WASHINGTON (AA): The suspect accused of killing eight people and injuring a dozen others in New York City is facing two federal charges related to the attack, and could face the death penalty, prosecutors announced Wednesday. Continued By Michael Hernandez WASHINGTON (AA): Eight victims were killed Tuesday after a motorist drove onto a pedestrian and cycling path near the West Side Highway in New York City in an “act of terror”, according to officials. Continued The Muslim News Awards for Excellence event is to acknowledge British Muslim and non-Muslim contributions to society.

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These are some of the key findings of , a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life.

The report offers the most up-to-date and fully sourced estimates of the size and distribution of the worldwide Muslim population, including sectarian identity.

A comprehensive demographic study of more than 200 countries finds that there are 1.57 billion Muslims of all ages living in the world today, representing 23% of an estimated 2009 world population of 6.8 billion.

While Muslims are found on all five inhabited continents, more than 60% of the global Muslim population is in Asia and about 20% is in the Middle East and North Africa.

Shi'a Muslims, particularly those in Afghanistan, Bahrain, India, Iraq, Lebanon and Pakistan, take part in remembrance parades or (metal chains fixed into handles), but this practice is controversial and has been banned by some civic and Islamic authorities.

The Islamic New Year is a public holiday in places such as (but not exclusive to) India, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.Continued By Ramazan Turgut RIYADH (AA) – Saudi Arabian authorities have arrested a number of high-profile figures, including princes and current and former ministers on anti-corruption charges, a Saudi television station reported late Saturday. Continued By Qais Abu Samra RAMALLAH, Palestine (AA): The Israeli army on Friday dispersed several anti-settlement rallies staged by Palestinian youth in the occupied West Bank.“Army troops used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse weekly anti-settlement protests,” the Palestinian …Continued RAMALLAH, Palestine (AA) – Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets across the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Thursday to mark the passage of 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, which laid the groundwork for Israel’s establishment — and their displacement …Continued By Wassim Seifeddine, Yosra Ouanes and Laith Juneidi BEIRUT, Lebanon (AA): Several Arab countries on Thursday saw large protests marking the centennial of the Balfour Declaration, which paved the way for Israel’s establishment in 1948. Continued By Mohamed al-Samei SANA’A (AA) A Saudi-led coalition airstrike has killed 26 people in Yemen’s northern Saada province, the Ansar Allah [Houthi] group, medics and a Reuters witness claimed Wednesday.However, the Middle East-North Africa region has the highest percentage of Muslim-majority countries.

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