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As I was watching my movie I felt like someone was by me, so I turned around and whispered "what" but no one was there. When I was trying to sleep I felt like whatever it was left. a few days passed and I still felt like someone was there so I tried to ignore it. I guess it was mad at me because one night when I was trying to sleep I felt a light weight on top of me. When I was able to moved I laid on my bed in terror. Once in awhile he will make his presence a little stronger. There was one problem all my friends were against the ouija board. When I got home I stayed up for an extra half-hour before I had to go to bed.

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For example if I searched "how to get rid of a demon" he would push his presence at me and I would whisper "stop". One night my mom had a bad headache so my dad took my younger sister to the store. For example: today I was in my room and I saw a white figure that looked like a person walk toward my closet door. I have read other stories where people have claimed to see ghosts. If anyone can see or sense ghosts please comment to this story and help. The author, werewolfluv, has the following expectation about your feedback: Spoonbill D3m0n - just because you've used a Ouija Board and nothing happened to you doesn't mean our warnings and cautions aren't valid.

He offered for me to come but I said "no" because I was talking to a friend on a laptop. When she was in the shower I went to get something to snack on. When I was pouring my snack my guinea pig started to squeal like he was in pain, so I ran into the other room to check on him. When I turned around I heard someone in a nasty voice say, "stay still". Have you read any other Ouija Board stories on here, or seen any "based on a true story" stories?

My brother Javier onces played ouija online board, he started seen a lot of ugly things going around. I've heard that Catholics priests are good with exersisms as well. I wouldn't be complaining you WANTED the demon to come! I have never really heard of online ouija boards so... He said that the thing that works best is to find someone who you trust that is close to God (including yourself if you're religious) and read the passage in the bible about putting the blood over the door frame as a sign of faith. Talk to it ask what it wants but when your done get up and thank it before you leave. At that very moment he was telling me the large jar of olive oil flew off the top of the fridge and shattered at my feet I moved to go close the door to that bathroom and grab my children to leave I was literally knocked off my feet and laid frozen on the floor I tried to recite the Lord's prayer and no sound came from me after a few moments of being stuck I was released I grabbed my children and never returned - I hired movers to move my stuff out and stayed with family while in the process of moving I NEVER RETURNED TO THAT HOUSE.

Like around tree weeks later he decides to play it again and started cursing at the oija online board. Then, take Holy water or annointing oils and say something to the effect of "just as they showed their faith, I show mine and ask in the name of the Father God that whatever negative entities reside here leave and never return". I am a spiritually strong person I have strong senses as well with spirits and such, good or bad I am generally uneasy with them. I've "played" real Ouiji and I think it was always one of the other players moving the thing.

o a few days ago I decided to play the Online Ouija Board. So being a teen, I decided to not take it seriously. At first the spirit seemed very friendly so I got annoyed and asked to talk to a demon. That night nothing happened so I laughed it off thinking it was just a game.

So I probably did the dumbest thing ever in my life. I shut the game off thinking it was a glitch in the game.

I thought it was because I was staying up too late at night.

Anytime I would turn around to see if it was my mom, dad, or younger sister, nobody was there. That night when I went to bed I did everything I would normally do, I played with my sister with her toys, and when she fell asleep I watched a movie. When I feel him near I smile so he knows I am not ignoring him. I told my other friend at the party I used a ouija board.

Jesuschrist1, Well you get a prize for being not only the worst 'Thumper' I've come across in a long, LONG time.

You've called yourself 'Jesuschrist1' isn't that what they call 'Taking the Lord's Name In Vain'? Rook These "demons" you speak of hold no power over us.

These spirits hold nothing against the power of the lord. Banish those spirts away people, they are nothing compared to gods matchless word. Sweety, I suggest seriously getting your house clensed before things get worse. Werewolfluv- you did a very foolish thing asking to talk to a demon... If this spirit did come from the online board (which I doubt, I think you just opened yourself up to it like others have said) you won't be able to get rid of it by destroying the board but you can use the more traditional methods of cleansing. Once invited some will follow a specific interest and some will attch to the property, I have had one extremely memorable experience with renting the wrong property - I had one particular home that I had an "occupant" in my spare bathroom I tried a number of things such as adorning the door frame with olive oil and a prayer leaving a cross and opened bible in the bathroom that kept things quite for a while -granted no one ever used the bathroom and the door was kept shut.

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