15 year old daughter dating Adult sexy dating in iran

shes told you about this guy she musr like him and tbh if you say she cant go out with him then she might anyway, just chat to her after school you may be jumoing the gun about sex and what not but he is 20 and might want more from her than shes prepared to give.

i also went out with a 19 year old guy when i was 15 and it fizzled out and i didnt sleep with him as i wasnt ready, your daughter sounds sensible I think you just need to make sure she is wise.

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The only thing I can say is that I had a boyfriend at 15 and he was 19...

I lied about my age and I did have sex with him and we did use something....

It didnt work out in the end but it meant a lot to know my parents supported me iykwim. but your daughter seems very sensible and you have a great relationship, wish my mum and sister were like that!!

I also met dh when I was 16 and he was 21 and they were fine with that too Well thank you ladies. xxxxx Trouble is like most 15/16 year olds she has lied to me in the past.

She says that she had been talking to him on msn for ages.

She cried when she told me and said i hope you are not dissapointed in me. She said that they had talked about it and he has told her he wont do anything until she is legally old enuf if she wants to... She is on the PIll for her periods and we have an open relationship and we do talk about sex etc. I am having a hard time at the moment anyway and on anti ds.

As you have an open relationship this should be easy but most of all tell her not to be pressured into sex.

I wouldnt tell her not to see him as this will have the opposite affect. She sounds like a lovely girl and was so worried about disappointing you, I think she is wise.

All you can do is give your dd as much acvice and information as possible and then hope she makes the right decisions.

Hi Ed, I think it's great that you and your daughter have such an open and honest relationship, I think the key it to keep it that way and as hard as it must be (don't know from a parents p.o.v yet as my girls are little) you need to trust her, she has been upfront with you which I think says a lot about her maturity.

They always respected our relationship and tbh if they hadnt then I would have still seen him anyway and I wouldve lost a lot of respect for them. this is totally different from what is going on with you and your daughter but i thought i would tell you, but your daughter seems like a very sensible girl, to ease your worries you should met the guy and see if you approve.

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