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Steve Bruns also provided much Norma factory literature and encouragement that kept me upbeat about the work.Don van den Brink also provided direction and encouragement.

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Thanks to Bill Woodin for his review and suggestions.

Also to Bo Casserberg and Ken Buch for many years of wisdom on Swedish firearms and shooting them.

"She is the happiest she's been in a really long time -- since probably before Mason was born," the source explains.

"When she had him, she really became introverted and only wanted to stay home with the kids." "This breakup has really showed her that she needs to focus on herself," the source adds.

In Figure 1 are shown the M1889 and M1908 cartridges developed in Denmark for the M1889 Krag-Jrgensen.

An issue that has come up in the last few years is the safety of handloaded ammunition made in accordance with information found on the internet and in some recent firearms publications.Unfortunately, I have as yet to find documentation of the Danish K-J rifles smokeless cartridge normal operating pressures and what pressures they were proofed at.Mallory (19) states that the Danish K-J action is strong enough for an operating pressure of 45,000 CUP, but does not state his source of information for this determination.From researchers who have examined the original historical documents there are hints of the operating ranges of the original cartridge/rifle combinations.For the Danish Model 1889 K-J, Nielsen (19 ) notes that the original black powder rimfire cartridge for the Model 1867 Danish rolling block operated at about 800 atmospheres, or, 11,760 PSI.I would also like to thank Jim Ristow of Recreational Software Inc., for putting up with a greenhorn in the ways of pressure and measuring it.

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