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The state legislature has continually amended or tweaked these programs ever since.For example, the legislature mandated that the public be notified about registered sex offenders in 1995 following the 1993 abduction/murder of seven-year-old Ashley Estell in Plano, Texas.

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That year Texas stood to lose roughly $2 million in grants but faced a staggering price tag of $38 million just to implement the AWA the way the Justice Department proscribed.

Texas lawmakers, including some highly credentialed Republicans, rebelled; in effect, the State told the Justice Department to keep their grant money; that the state would continue to use its 2005 law to supervise its sex offenders in their local communities.

For example, before Romeo and Juliet, an 18-year-old could have been convicted of sexual assault and required to register as a sex offender for having consensual sex with 16-year-old boy or girlfriend.

The AWA would have required that the 18-year-old register as a Tier I offender. Deregistration in Texas Difficult in Texas Also, in 2011, the Texas Legislature finally created a de-registration process that was intended to allow many in that 90-percent non-dangerous category to be removed from the state’s sex offender registry.

Long before the AWA, many states, like Texas, had their own sex offender registration requirements and they resented the Congress with the AWA telling them how to handle their own sex offenders.

States Must Comply with Federal Requirements or Face Loss of Funds To force compliance with the AWA, Congress through the U. Justice Department told the states they would loss 10 percent of federal criminal justice grants if they did not implement the AWA by July 2011.In 2006, the primary difference between SORP and the AWA was this: most Texas lawmakers, as does DPS to this day, believed that 90 percent of its registered sex offenders were non-dangerous and could live in the community without posing a risk to public safety while the AWA is offense-driven without any concern for individual rehabilitation.For example, under the AWA, if a person commits a Tier I, II or III offense, they will remain under registration for the proscribed period under each tier without any regard to their rehabilitation or non-dangerousness.A list where 90 percent won’t commit another crime is not very useful to the public.” Texas’ “Romeo and Juliet” Law The AWA stands for the exact opposite.For example, the AWA requires juveniles convicted, or adjudicated as delinquent in juvenile court, who are 14 years of age or older and who have been convicted of an offense either more serious or similar to federal aggravated sexual assault to register as a sex offender.And the reality is we have probably only four-to-five thousand dangerous sex offenders and a whole of other folks who were drunk or stupid or misguided who are very unlikely to commit future sex crimes …

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